video aquisition in Hobart Create Communicate Video Production  Corporate video, Events, Wedding videos, Broadcast Create Communicate is a video production company based in Launceston, Tasmania.  We film and edit video footage for business and individuals. If you need a videographer for corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos or broadcast video for television, we are based in Launceston, Northern Tasmania and we cover Melbourne, Hobart and the North coast of Tasmania including Devonport and Shearwater. We can offer animation and graphics to enhance the video and to convey meaning and feeling. In this modern world our senses are constantly stimulated, by advertising graphics, television, Internet, radio and a growing host of other media. To get through to people we must be increasingly creative in our approach, otherwise our message is lost in all the clutter. We believe that imagination and creative thinking can lead to innovation that will both get people's attention and communicate the desired message. We keep the message simple and the method appropriate. We’re passionate about the power of video to communicate, educate and influence. dvd production © 2012 Create Communicate Welcome